Reporting Assistance

If you would like to help us with bugs and/or testing on different hardware, please follow the information below.


Bug reports should contain the following information:

  • Location of occurrence (type of menu, level name, etc.)
  • Description of the bug (what happened, how it happened, etc.)
  • Conditions (if it only happens at a certain time/event/action)
  • OS Specs (another separate condition)



Testing is something we definitely could use help with when we do not have a bigger audience of varying systems as well as very little systems ourselves being a small group. We would like testing reports to contain the following:

  • Specs: Importantly, OS (Type & Version/Edition), GPU (Name/Family/Edition, type (meaning integrated/chip or card)), and CPU (Name/Family, Speed, Actual Cores+Logical Processors)
  • Framerates at the minimum settings (launcher, which will control what’s already in settings with the launchers’ presets) with the advanced graphic scripting turned off (press [TAB] in-game, should notice certain things disappear/change)
  • Framerates at the middle (3rd out of 5 levels) settings (launcher) with the advanced graphic scripting turned off
  • Framerates at the maximum settings (best level in launcher) with the advanced graphic scripting turned on

Note: If you get 60FPS at the maximum settings in the first place, just state that without testing the lower settings

  • Any graphical errors/problems/oddities that occur at certain settings
  • What version you’re using (please use the latest)


You can use the contact form below to do this easily. Please keep your message organized.