I am no longer going to be updating this blog anymore, since most news is already posted to IndieDB and any unannounced updates (one of the purposes of this blog) are still listed in the Light_Studios site in the news section.

I am keeping the blog up still, however, since I will still use/direct people to the Reporting Assistance page for easier, organized emailing (since forms cannot be done at this time on the L_S site itself)

The Light_Studios site has changed in location to, being moved from the old host, Google Drive.

That will be all indefinitely.




U.E. BE 1.1 / L_S Updates

I had forgotten to post an update here for Beta 1.0 and Beta 1.1. Apologies

Beta 1.1 can be found in the description of this update article. Unknown Entity’s roadmap has been made public, now that the game is in beta.

The site for Unknown Entity has been merged as one project page on the Light_Studios site. The L_S site has also been overhauled. The link still remains the same for L_S.

That is all



U.E. ALP 1.4.0 / 1.5.0

Unknown Entity updated to 1.4.0 June 4th, and 1.5.0 today the 10th. 1.4.0 was the start to utilizing the gun, _GameMGR, and entities. 1.5.0 was mainly just a fixing and minor change version, and thus is not a fully announced update.

Both versions were released under Windows and Linux, and can be downloaded here.

Beta 1.0.0, the very next version, is mainly an optimization version, which may also feature the current entity firing at the player, and/or additional entity models. It will also have more settings in the settings menu (the current function of the Tab button will have all its graphical scripts moved to the settings menu, and Tab will then used simply to display FPS)

After that, Beta 1.1.0 is planned to feature gun zooming, a controls menu, at least one entity with shooting AI (if it is not featured in Beta 1.0.0), and possibly new levels

Beta 1.2.0 is a far future version that currently is only planned to feature power-ups and possibly more levels. Other planned features have no targeted release and may be released under any of these or none.