I am no longer going to be updating this blog anymore, since most news is already posted to IndieDB and any unannounced updates (one of the purposes of this blog) are still listed in the Light_Studios site in the news section.

I am keeping the blog up still, however, since I will still use/direct people to the Reporting Assistance page for easier, organized emailing (since forms cannot be done at this time on the L_S site itself)

The Light_Studios site has changed in location to, being moved from the old host, Google Drive.

That will be all indefinitely.




New blog site

I have created this site as an informational blog and secondary site to the home of Light_Studios. Currently, the about page and the reporting assistance page are the only things on this site so far. If you are not coming from another site of mine or Light_Studios as a whole and are new to this blog, Light_Studios (site home) is a game design group. “About” can give more info, as well as the main site itself. If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter (we won’t send out many updates until we get more people, in which it will become a more monthly-periodical newsletter), do so here (link)