UE: ALP 1.3.2

Unknown Entity updated to Alpha 1.3.2 today for Windows (still working on trying to get the Linux version to work). Since it’s not an announced update, it’s not mentioned on IndieDB or FA journal. I’ll post about every single update on the blog here though. You can get it at IndieDB or directly from the game’s home site’s Play page. The update is mainly just upgraded structural/component models to seem somewhat more complex.

1.4.0 is planned to utilize a new GameMGR (“master script”) to add more functionality to the game. This will hopefully include some enemy AI and levels within the game’s main scene.


After Alpha 1.4.0 will most likely be the switch to Beta, now that we’re getting to the point that we will run into and need to fix more bugs since there will be more levels, AI, and more things to do in the game (shoot entities, destroy activators, use quest objects, have powerups, unlock levels and have a saved game, and more).

The first version of Beta will be more to optimize and compress loose, older scripts that only handle minor functions, compress/optimize textures and materials, etc., since the project has gotten a decent brew of “stuff” everywhere. I try my best to keep it organized, but sometimes the programs just don’t want you to have that without focusing on it.

Beta 1.1.0 is a far future version, and what the Docs say is just some of the things on the roadmap we have privately on Trello (we may or may not publicize the Trello board to use as a public roadmap)



(Edit 05/30/16 – Added category, just noticed it was missing)



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